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Family Law


When it comes to family law, there are a variety of avenues separating parties can pursue to resolve their matter. Here at Wolseley Law LLP, we focus on assisting parties to resolve their matters outside of Court. However, we understand that sometimes the circumstances do not allow for this and have Winnipeg family lawyers on staff to guide you through the Court process. Below is a brief description of the family law services that we provide at Wolseley Law LLP. We offer three billing models including full service, and, when appropriate, unbundled and flat fee options to  help our clients find the best service for their situation while balancing out the cost of hiring a lawyer.

Collaborative Family Law

Dealing with the breakdown of a relationship does not need to increase conflict and tension between the parties. Collaborative Practice allows parties to engage in a process which aims to resolve all issues without resorting to litigation or Court. The concept is based on trust between the parties as well as their legal counsel. With Collaborative Practice, a holistic approach is taken where other professionals are brought in to assist in resolving matters amicably and as positively as possible. The professionals involved typically include lawyers, communication/parenting coaches and if necessary, financial professionals and/or child specialists depending on the needs of the family.

There are several reasons to choose Collaborative Practice. When proceeding through this process, parties often end up having more positive future interactions as their communication skills often improve through the process. This is extremely important, particularly when children are involved and ongoing communication is required. Through the process, you will feel supported by your lawyer and work cooperatively to find a mutually agreeable outcome with your spouse. Ultimately, the process offers emotional support as well as legal and financial guidance. We focus on the best interest of the children and allow spouses to get through the family breakup with privacy, respect and dignity.

Visit the Collaborative Practice Manitoba website for more information:

Negotiated Agreements

We recognize that the Collaborative Process is not for everyone and that is why we have lawyers standing by to assist you in negotiating an agreement whether it be a cohabitation agreement, prenuptial agreement, or separation agreement.

The lawyers of Wolseley Law LLP will provide you with all of the guidance and information necessary to negotiate a settlement that protects you.


Mediation is a good option for parties that feel as though a third-party mediator may assist in resolving any outstanding issues and working toward an agreed upon settlement. The mediator would be neutral and unable to provide legal advice. The agreed upon terms would then be put into a Separation Agreement and each party would briefly meet with a lawyer outside of our firm to review and sign the Agreement. This is a great option for parties who can discuss matters between themselves but require guidance for various aspects of their separation.


Sometimes, going to court is unavoidable. In Manitoba, our family court uses different processes to keep matters moving forward and help parties reach a final resolution. Depending on the circumstances of your case, your matter may benefit from the timelines, framework and cost penalties imposed by the court. Where parties cannot find common ground, one party refuses to engage in the process, or where negotiations have broken down, litigation may be the best option. Family litigation topics include custody arrangements and parenting plans, child support, spousal support, division of property and variation of existing court orders.

Adoption, Guardianship and Fertility Law

Families are created in many ways including assisted reproduction and adoption. Starting a family through assisted reproduction or helping someone else start a family in this way can be an overwhelming process. Wolseley Law LLP is here to talk you through the various legal issues in this emerging area of law and to assist with drafting and providing legal advice on contractual agreements between all parties involved. We can also assist in both adoptions and guardianships.


Flat Fee Pricing

Flat fee pricing is for people who have decided to separate/divorce and:

  1. Are able to come up with a plan for parenting the kids after separation
  2. Are able to agree with your former partner about how to divide assets and debts
  3. Both have the intention of dealing with the separation with the least amount of conflict possible

If you don’t know if your matter is uncontested or not, contact our firm to discuss your options.

Cohabitation/Prenuptial Agreement: $2,500.00 plus tax (flat rate)

Uncontested Divorce: $1,700.00 plus tax (flat rate)

Uncontested Separation Agreement

     No children: $2,500.00 plus tax (flat rate)

     With children: $3,000.00 plus tax (flat rate)

You can also save money by packaging your Separation Agreement and Divorce together: 

     No Children: Uncontested Agreement + Divorce = $3,500.00 plus tax

     With Children: Uncontested Agreement + Divorce = $4,500.00 plus tax