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Wolseley Law’s Carbon Neutral Promise and Environmental Commitment

Wolseley Law’s commitment to the environment


Since we began, Wolseley Law has tried to find ways to do law differently, not only for the clients, but for the way that we impact the world that we live in. To that end, from the beginning of our existence, we’ve used carbon neutral cloud computing, zero emission website hosting, and even things like couriers that use bikes as much as possible (with a shoutout to our friends at Ghost Rider who do all of our local deliveries!)

We all share a commitment that includes the little things too, such as our partners taking home our recycling to our homes because the city won’t do pickup at our office, asking the West End Biz to install a bike rack in front of our building, and having many of us bike, bus, and walk to work throughout the year.

Carbon Neutrality

Starting in January 2023 we are happy to let you all know that we’ve gone ahead and made the next step towards carbon neutrality for the office – Wolseley Law is now 100% carbon neutral for Scope 1 and 2 emissions with considerable impact on our Scope 3 emissions. We believe that we’re the first law office in Manitoba to do so.

In order to meet that commitment, we’ve purchased “Gold Standard-Certified International Offsets” which are derived from international projects meeting the Gold Standard Foundation’s sustainable development criteria, as well as the UN’s Clean Development Mechanism protocols. These offsets are endorsed by leading environmental groups, including WWF International. They’ve been purchased via which is the highest ranked offset vendor in the country, with particularly good scores for auditing and permanence.

It is our hope that we can be leaders in walking the walk for making our own small difference in the fight against climate change, and make the world a little bit better for ourselves, our families, and our clients.