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The Wolseley Law Team

How Wolseley Law Got Started


Gerrit Theule went to law school wanting to start Wolseley Law. He grew up in, and lives in, Wolseley. It’s a community whose values and ideals Wolseley Law really wanted to emulate when we founded our firm: somewhere friendly, somewhere idealistic, and somewhere that looks out for other people.

Gerrit, Tim Brown, and Leah Unruh are all partners in Wolseley Law and they share the ideas of a community-centered place where they don’t need to be worried about landing big downtown clients, but can focus on providing excellent service to help people dealing with their every day issues.

Together, Leah, Tim and Gerrit looked at how law offices traditionally functioned and decided to keep what worked, and to find new ways to improve on the things that didn’t. From a business side of things, we wanted to make sure that we could put into place the many technological improvements that offices have seen over the last few years and, not being tied to an old way of doing things, could choose which innovations could help our clients, and our office,  work faster, easier, and more securely.

This means that Wolseley Law is always going to be finding new ways to help people with their legal issues. We have implemented, where possible, flat rate billing and unbundled services, for example. What does that mean? It means that, where it’s appropriate, you may actually know what your matter will cost before you begin. It will also mean that, again, where appropriate, you may be able to select certain legal services to suit your needs while doing some of the other steps on your own – making things more affordable and retaining control of your matter in a way that you may not have been able to do before. It also means that, where those things are not appropriate, or where they start as an option but your matter evolves into something different, we’ll have a real discussion as to what you need to get things done and we’ll be as upfront as possible as to why.

Wolseley Law will keep looking at ways to improve things for our clients. Most importantly, we will always be here to provide information and help to people who need it through traditional legal service delivery, and through new ways too.

How are we different?

Wolseley Law is like a lot of other law offices, to be sure. Clients can expect professional, discrete legal services where we guide you through your issue with sensitivity and competence. But what things might be different from what you’ve seen before?

Unbundled services, sometimes called “limited scope retainers,” let you hire a lawyer for only part of your case. This may let you do things like attend your own case conference, but have a lawyer draft your Notice of Motion or Petition to make sure that the paperwork is done correctly. Then you only need to pay for that portion of the legal work. It may not be appropriate for every case, but when it is, it should be able to save you money on your legal fees, and provide you with control over your matter in a way that you may not have experienced before. For more information, click here.

One of people’s biggest concerns with legal services is that the “billable hour” leaves you wondering just how much things are going to cost in the end. Wolseley Law is trying to provide as much transparency to legal fees as possible by flat-fee billing as many services as possible and putting those prices up on our website so that you can see them ahead of time. For more information, click here.

One of our biggest differences is that we recognize that sometimes you need a lawyer, but sometimes you don’t. If we take a look at your matter and there is someone who might be better to handle your matter, especially if they are cheaper, we will let you know about it. The goal here is not to bill at all costs, it is to provide the best possible service to people so that you know when we take on your matter, you know that your fee will be fair and it will be handled competently.