Legal Coaching

“Legal Coaching is a type of unbundled legal service, where a lawyer-coach offers behind-the-scenes guidance on both the hard and soft skills of lawyering, in order to provide a (primarily) self-represented litigant with the strategies and tolls needed to present their case as effectively as possible in the absence of counsel.” (see Note 1)

A lawyer is able to support you through your legal matter as you feel is needed. There is no retainer, simply creative agreements that allow you to access a lawyer on an as-needed basis. You will communicate primarily through email, Skype and phone.

Not every case is appropriate for Legal Coaching. This is something that will be discussed with a lawyer at the time of intake.

What can a Legal Coach help me with?

Here are just a few examples of what a Legal Coach can help with:

  • Preparation for an upcoming Case Conference
  • Explaining court procedures
  • Discussing the merits of your case

How does it work?

We offer a variety of Legal Coaching packages. It is up to you to decide how to use it. Once you use up one package, you can choose to purchase more time or continue on your own.

  • Quick Communication $75 (plus tax)
    • For any one straightforward email question or 15 minute phone conversation, pay a quick and convenient one time fee
  • Package 1 $400 (plus tax)
    • 1 Hour of phone or Skype (can be split up)
    • 4 Email questions
  • Package 2 $600 (plus tax)
    • 2 Hours of Phone or Skype (can be split up)
    • 8 Email Questions



Not every case is appropriate for Legal Coaching. Wolseley Law LLP reserves the right to deny this service at their discretion.

This is not an emergency service. An appointment must be made. Emails and calls will be answered within two business days unless you are informed otherwise.

If a question cannot be answered at the time of the communication, the lawyer will send a follow up email with the answer. Our lawyers reserve the right to request further documentation at your expense. If your question is too difficult to answer within the allotted time, you can decide whether you want to pay more to receive a full answer.

Note 1: Nikki Gershbain, “A Coach in Your Corner: Promoting Legal Coaching in Family Law” (May, 2017),